New season catalogue

The catalogue for the winter season 2017/18 is now online at




New stocklist

I now have the new nursery stocklist for winter season 2016/17.

All one year old trees are £18.

Stepover cordons are £25.

Here’s the link

imageI now have a new website For the tree nursery.


An espaliered pear tree in a walled garden near Oswestry.

before and after summer pruning.


Tree nursery

This photo shows young growth on apple trees budded in August 2012. Image

Grafted Hawthorns

These Doyenne du commice pears are growing on a 20 year old hawthorn. The scions were cleft grafted in April 2010.

So far so good!

This Medlar ‘Nottingham’ was budded onto a self set hawthorn in April 2010 and is growing away nicely. The first growth at the beginning of the season got knocked off but it soon regrew and has put on 55cm of growth.

The tree is growing through a hard gravel pathway. I think this is the type of situation where a hawthorn rootstock will be useful!

New Shed

A lot has happened at the nursery since I last updated this blog.

Here are some photos of a shed I built using Douglas Fir and European Larch.

I take commissions for all sorts of woodworking projects. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your ideas.