Bio fertiliser

Just made the first batch of bio fertiliser for spraying the trees in the nursery and orchard.

Sugar Plums

These sweet hedgerow plums were found growing near Oswestry and are known locally as sugar plums.
I will be grafting them onto plum rootstocks next week and trees will be ready for sale a year in November

Making rainbows…


Spraying the nursery trees with garlic oil and seaweed extract to help boost the trees immune system, increase photosynthesis levels and as a pest deterrent

I made this cleft chestnut gate for a friend recently. All the wood came from one log except for the oak used to wedge the pegs.

Roundwood pergola

I made this pergola for the wedding venue at Bromwich Park recently using Douglas fir from cynynion timber

Permaculture magazine article

Here’s an article I wrote for Permaculture Magazine



Spring flowers showing so much promise. Apple, pear, chives,poached egg plant, elaegnus…