Stage at Weston Rhyn School made from Douglas Fir

The roof structure is a reciprocating (self supporting) framework. Each pole is above one and below another pole.

greaves-gate 001

Bespoke handmade gate made from sawn oak and cleft sweet chestnut. The latch and the pegs are oak.

greaves-gate 005 greaves-gate 003 The fence posts and rails are douglas fir and larch with cleft chestnut pailings.

treehouse 035

treehouse 032

This treehouse was built using Douglas Fir from a local woodland.

All the sawn timber was processed two miles away at the wood co-operative I am a member of.

The pailings are cleft Sweet Chestnut sourced from a coppice merchant in Ironbridge.

treehouse 031


Cleft chestnut gate with sliding handle.


My workshop


Oak framed fencing with split hazel infill. The gate is made from cleft douglas fir, morticed and tennoned and pegged with oak pegs.


All the wood I use is sourced locally and comes from woodlands managed in a sensible sustainable manner.


The log store has a timber frame made with sawn and round douglas fir, has split hazel dividers, is clad in oak boards and has a reclaimed corrugated iron roof.


Cleft chestnut gates.

One Response

  1. I recently attended, with 4 more memebers of a group on a couple of workshops run by tom in which one, we designed and made a xylophone and another was 3 benches which, both will be used in a Nursery sensory garden.
    Tom made the workshops very informative, had a very hands on approach and very enjoyable, leaving the workshops tired but fulfilled with the days work, plus the area where Tom lives has great views. So If Tom has any more workshops going on, they well worth attending.
    So Thanks again Tom for the great workshops.

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