Orchard C.V.

orchard course 6 003I have worked as an orchardist since 2001. My work includes designing and planting new orchard sites, carrying out orchard surveys, restoration/restocking of orchards, rescue work (ie propagating from trees whose variety can’t be immediately identified or that are known to be rare), running a fruit tree nursery selling old and local varieties, pruning for private customers and running pruning and grafting courses for organisations such as The National Trust, Farming and Willife Advisory Group (FWAG), and local communty orchards.

*My customer base ranges from private landowners to commercial orchards to schools to community orchard/garden projects.
In Febuary 2009 I was awarded a scolarchip grant from the Queen Elizabeth Scolarship Trust to attend a one year Masterclass in Orcharding course.
This was a one to one course devised by myself and my mentor, Tony Gentil from Cheshire.
The course covered the whole range of orchard and nursery practice. From propagating rootstock, budding and grafting, carrying out orchard surveys, report writimg, winter and summer pruning, pest and disease management, fruit storage, soil analysis, and plant physiology.
This course built upon the kowledge I have gained myself over the previous 8 years and honed my skills to a point where I can carry out my work to the highest level.
In October 2004 I came  across three rare varieties of apple. Mike Porter from the Marcher Apple Network identified them as Gipsy King, Round Winter Nonesuch and Bringewood Pippin.
We have propagated from these trees which are growing well and are now being sold from my nursery.

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