Fruit Tree Nursery

orchard course 6 021

I sell a range of fruit trees including apples, pears, plums, damsons, cherries, quince and medlar.

All the varieties I propagate are good to grow organically and show good disease resistance when grown in and around the Welsh Marches.

I have built up a collection varieties described in the ‘Welsh Marches Pomona’,  which was brilliantly written by Michael Porter and illustrated by Margaret Gill, both from the Marcher Apple Network (

The trees I have available this year will be sold as bare rooted maidens for £18 each.

Trees are available from November to March

I also offer a grafting service. If you have a particular tree you would like propagating then I can do this for £25 for the first tree and £18 for additional trees.

Please see my new website for an up to date stock list of varieties





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