Fruit Tree Nursery

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I sell a range of fruit trees including apples, pears, plums, damsons, cherries, quince and medlar.

All the varieties I propagate are good to grow organically and show good disease resistance when grown in and around the Welsh Marches.

I have built up a collection varieties described in the ‘Welsh Marches Pomona’,  which was brilliantly written by Michael Porter and illustrated by Margaret Gill, both from the Marcher Apple Network (

The trees I have availabe this year will be sold as bare rooted maidens for £18 each.

Trees are available from November to March

I also offer a grafting service. If you have a particular tree you would like propagating then I can do this for £25 for the first tree and £18 for additional trees.

The table below shows the stock list for winter 2015/16

Please contact me for any further information.

SF denotes Self Fertile, T denotes Triploid



Variety (Pollination group in brackets) Rootstock Type Place/date of origin Season of use Taste
Adam’s Pearmain (2) MM106 Dessert Norfolk/Hereford 19th C Nov-March Rich/Aromatic
Ashmead’s Kernel (4) MM106,  M9, M26 Dessert Gloucestershire 1700 Dec-Jan Sweet/Sharp
Bardsey (2) MM106, M9, M116 Dessert Found on Bardsey Island Sept-Oct Sweet/refreshing
Blenhiem Orange (T3) MM106, M9, MM111 Dessert/Culinary Oxford 1740 Oct-Jan Nutty
Breakwells Seedling M25 Cider St. Dogamels, Pembrokshire 1890 Bittersweet
Bridstow Wasp (T3)  M9 Culinary Herefordshire 1800’s Aug-Oct Cooks to a puree
Bringewood Pippin (4) M25, M26, M9 Dessert/Cider Shropshire 1800’s Dec-April Sharp/Crisp
Brithmawr (4) M25, M9 Culinary Wales
Browns (5) MM106 Cider 1900’s Devon Bittersharp
Byford Wonder (T2) M25, M9 Culinary Herefordshire 1800’s Nov-Jan Delicate, pear like
Chatley Kernel (5) M25, M9 Culinary Worcester 1800’s Dec-April
Cissy (3) MM111 Dessert Monmothshire 1790’s Sept Rich/Aromatic
Colwall Quoining (4) M26, M9 Dessert Jan-Oct Makes a good juice

Credenhill Pippin (3)

M25, M9


Hereford 1896


Dabinett (5) MM106 Cider Somerset 19th C Nov Bittersweet
Discovery (3) MM111, M26, M9 Dessert Essex 1949 Aug-Sept Crisp and juicy
Downton Pippin (4) M25 Dessert Shropshire 1800’s Sept-Oct Cidery
Ellison’s Orange (4 SF) MM106, M9 Dessert Lincoln 1904 Sept-Oct Juicy, slight aniseed flavour
Elstar (4) MM106,M116, M9 Dessert Holland 1972 Oct-Jan Sweet
Fiesta (3) MM106, M9 Dessert Kent 1972 Nov-March Rich, aromatic, crisp
Forester (4) SOLD OUT Culinary Welsh Marches 1800’s Nov-Jan Cooks to a thick puree
Grenadier (3) MM106, M9 Culinary Bucks. 1862 Aug-Sept Cooks to a sharp puree
Herefordshire Russet (3) MM106 Dessert Kent 2002 Sept-Jan Rich/Aromatic
Hunts Duke of Gloucester (3) MM111 Dessert Gloucester 1800’s Nov-Feb Sweet/sharp rich flavour
Jupiter (3) MM106 Dessert Kent 1966 Oct-Jan Sweet/Juicy
King Coffee (4) M25 Dessert Worcestershire? Nov-Dec

King’s Acre Bountiful (6)

M116, M9


Hereford 1904


Makes good baked apples

Kingston Black (5) SOLD OUT Cider Somerset 1900’s Nov Bittersharp
Landore (4) MM106, M9 Culinary/Dessert Welsh Marches Oct-Feb Cooks to a puree

Lord Derby (4)



Cheshire 1862


Cooks to a sharp taste

Lord Lambourne (2) MM106,M9 Dessert Bedford 1907 Sept Sweet/aromatic
Marged Nicholas (4) MM111, MM106,M9 Culinary/Dessert Wales Nov-Feb
Mere de Menage (T3) SOLD OUT Culinary Nov-Feb Acidic
Meridian (3) SOLD OUT Dessert Kent 1972 Oct-March
Moss’ Seedling (2) M9 Dessert Shropshire 1955 Oct-Dec Sweet honeyed flavour
Onibury Pippin (4) MM111, M116, M9 Dessert Shropshire Oct-Nov
Pen Caled M25 Cider St. Dogamels, Pembrokshire Bittersweet
Pig Aderyn M25 Dessert/Cider St. Dogamels, Pembrokshire Sweetand juicy
Pig yr Wydd (2) SOLD OUT Culinary Dyfed Sept-Dec Cooks to a thick puree

Pig’s Nose Pippin (4)



Welsh Marches


Puckrupp Pippin (2) M25, MM111 Dessert Wesh Marches Nov-Jan
Red Devil (3 SF) SOLD OUT Dessert Kent 1979 Sept-Dec Sweet strawberry flavour
Red Falstsaff (3 SF) MM106, M9 Dessert Norfolk 1983 Oct-Dec Crisp/Juicy
Sam’s Crab (4) MM111 Dessert/Cider Herefordshire 1800’s Aug-Sept
Sandlin Duchess (3) M9 Culinary/Dessert Malvern 1880 Oct-Feb Cooks to a tasty puree
Scrumptious (3) SOLD OUT Dessert Kent 1985 Sept Crisp/sweet/aromatic
Severn Bank (T2) M25, M9 Culinary Welsh Marches Aug-Oct Cooks to a tangy puree
Shropshire Lady’s Finger (?) M25, M26, Dessert Shropshire Sept
Stoke Edith Pippin (3) MM111 Dessert Herefordshire 1870 Nov-Feb Good tasty keeper
Stoke Red  (5) MM106 Cider Somerset 1920 Nov Bittersharp
Sweeney Nonpareil (5) M25, MM106, M116, M26, M9 Culinary/Dessert Oswestry 1807 Dec-May Cooks to a sharp, stiff puree
Ten Commandments (3) M9 Dessert/Cider Welsh Marches Nov
Tom Putt (T3) SOLD OUT Culinary/Dessert/Cider Devon 1700’s Sept-Nov Crisp/Sharp
Yarlington Mill (5) MM106 Cider Somerset 1800’s Oct-Nov Bittersweet







Variety Rootstock Type Place/Date of origin Season of use Taste
Beth (3) Quince A Dessert Kent 1938 Sept Sweet/juicy
Concorde (4SF) Quince A Dessert Kent 1977 Sept Sweet/juicy
Conference (3SF) Quince A Dessert Herts 1800’s Sept Sweet/juicy
Williams (4) Quince A Dessert Berkshire 1700’s Aug-Sept Sweet/juicy



Czar (3SF) St. Julian A Culinary/Dessert Herts 1800’s Aug Sweet yellow flesh
Denbigh Plum (SF) Brompton Culinary/Dessert 1700’s Aug/Sept Sweet lumy flavour
Old Greengage (3) St. Julian A Dessert Aug Sweet
Purple Pershore (3SF) St. Julian A CulinaryDessert Pershore Aug Superb flavour
Shropshire Prune Brompton VVA1 Culinary Shropshire 1600’s Sept/Oct Intense flavour
Victoria (3SF) St. Julian A Dessert Sussex 1900’s Aug/Sept Sweet







Black Oliver (Pollinated by Stella) Colt Dessert West Midlands Aug Dark red/Soft/juicy
Merton Glory (Pollinated by Stella) Gisela 5 Dessert Surrey 1931 July/Sept Sweet
Stella (SF) Colt,Gisela 5 Dessert Canada 1968 July/Aug Sweet


Meeches Prolific (SF) QA Culinary USA 1880 Oct-Nov Makes good jellies



Nottingham (SF) QA Culinary Oct-Nov Makes good jellies

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