First blog for this luddite……

There is not much call for orchard work at this time of year. I spend some time maintaining my nursery stock , which doesn’t take much time as I have a tiny nursery space (am looking to expand the nursery from tiny scale to small scale! If anyone knows of any land for sale in the north shropshire/north wales area then I’d be grateful if you could let me know).

My summer work involves making greenwood structures (fences, gates bridges, treehouses etc), and stone work.

At the moment I’m working with my brother, Mark,  in North Wales building a large semi circular retaining stone wall.  It’s retaining a huge earth bank so we’ve built a very solid (and very environmentally unsound) breezeblock wall filled with concrete and re-bar. We’re now in the process of facing the wall with some lovely limestone. Although not today ‘cos it’s pouring down!

Here are some pictures….

wall 002

wall 003

wall 004


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